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Urban Design Guidelines for Victoria

1.4. Higher density residential precinct stucture

Higher density residential precinct stucture

The layout of an area's blocks, lots, streets and public spaces to accommodate people living in apartments or residential mixed-use buildings. The precinct often will have larger lot sizes and be within or near an activity centre or a large development site.

A higher density residential precinct generally has larger lot sizes that are able to accommodate apartment and mixed-use developments. The precinct may be in or adjacent to an activity centre or within a large development site.

The streets and blocks in a higher density residential precinct provide for a high level of connectivity within and through the precinct. They also provide for an appropriate level of active street frontage and commercial uses at street level.

Why is it important?

With a larger population in a defined area it is crucial that the structure of a higher density residential precinct provides a high level of amenity in public spaces, access to facilities and services, protection of privacy and personal safety.

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